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Drum brakes

Brake Shoes Manufacture

NIFO manufactures aluminium, cast iron, sintered metal and steel brake shoes.
Its daily capacity is over 30,000 items.



In addition to the most accurate dimensional checks, each production batch is subjected to specific detachment tests on the braking material. The latter are performed cold and at high temperatures in order to check the resistance of the bonding in the most extreme conditions.



All the shoes are adjusted on the braking track. The materials and processes used are performed with maximum respect for the environment, according to ISO 14001 certification.


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The applications cover the most varied industries:





  • Freni
  • Freni e Freni a Tamburo - new1
  • Freni A Disco - new2
  • Freni A Disco - new3
  • Freni A Disco - new4
  • Freni 01
  • Freni 02
  • Freni 03
  • freni
  • freni

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