Industrial Brake Components

Industrial Brake Components


Nifo Brakes is a leading provider in industrial brake component parts with headquarters based in Italy. Whether it is disc brakes, drum brakes or even clutches for any vehicle, Nifo Brakes prides itself on building perfect industrial brake components for any car or motorcycle.


industrial brake components


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    What are brake components?

    Nifo Brakes is well-known for the high-quality industrial brake components the company produces. Nifo Brakes’ ability to craft well designed, perfectly made industrial brake components is one of the company’s main focuses. Nifo builds both disc brake and drum brake parts for automobiles and motorcycles. These parts are produced in the company’s manufacturing centre and sold around the globe. The brake components are what help keep drivers and passengers safe in a vehicle. However, the compnay also manufactures other car parts, including clutches and alloy wheels.


    Who uses Nifo Brakes’ industrial brake components?

    Currently, there is an every growing number of businesses large and small that use Nifo Brakes’ industrial brake components. While components for brake systems go into cars, trucks and vans, Nifo Brakes also makes parts for other vehicles from a number of industries. Clutches and brakes manufactured by Nifo Brakes go into agricultural equipment, lifts and electric engines, too. Nifo Brakes builds industrial brake components and clutches for a variety of vehicles, in a variety of industries.


    What industrial brake components does Nifo Brakes manufacture?

    Nifo Brakes produces high-quality disc brakes that can be fit on vehicles once they leave the manufacturing facilities. In addition, the company produces well-built drum brakes for automobiles. Nifo Brakes makes clutches that can be installed on any vehicle. The products manufactured by Nifo Brakes are used by some of the world’s leading businesses around the world. The company’s industrial brake components are ideal for anyone needing high-quality parts for their vehicles. Nifo Brakes produces a number of parts for an automobile’s braking system. Parts manufactured by Nifo Brakes include:

    • Disc brakes
    • Drum brakes
    • Calipers
    • Hubs for spoked wheels
    • Brakes for lifts
    • Clutches
    • Aluminum alloy wheels

    Nifo Brakes continues its strong desire to be the best manufacturer of industrial brake components. Providing quality and craftsmanship, Nifo Brakes continues to make the premier industrial brake components available today.


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