Drum brakes


NIFO produces drum brakes for different sectors.

THE drum brakes (or expansion) are used in many applications and can be used both with the function of service brake or parking brake. The simplicity of maintenance combined with the undoubted solidity and effectiveness have decreed its success over time and the great variety of applications.

The chucks of the drum brakes are different among the most stressed components in a braking system. They work in a very wide range of temperatures, are exposed to wear and to a natural and physiological ageing process of the friction material. It is therefore recommended that even the best drum brake shoes are subjected to regular inspections which then lead to obvious reasons of security and criticality one cyclic replacement at the latest within five years of use.


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Main Features

Durability and reliability


Cost-effective maintenance


Wide application versatility


High resistance to wear and tear


We produce drum brakes for the following sectors

Industrial vehicles

We have already produced drum brakes for


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