Hydraulic components

COMPONENTS FOR HYDRAULICS: Customised production

Our Company has been manufacturing customised hydraulics components for over fifteen years.

For this sector NIFO has developed its own specialised division in the production of flanges and lids for the most important European gear pump manufacturers. Made in aluminium or cast iron according to customer specifications, they cover the whole range: group 1, group 2 is group 3.

In compliance with the strictest quality and customer service requirements, NIFO is not limited to CNC machining but also designs and manufactures in-house die casting moulds or Disamatic and all the equipment necessary for prototyping and production of series.


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Types of products


Cast with a special aluminium alloy that allows the subsequent hardening, they are entirely worked with CNC machines. The work cycle involves a vacuum impregnation treatment overall of the lot, which definitively resolves the risk associated with micro porosities that are not visible to the naked eye, which could cause the pump to lose its efficiency once it has been assembled.


These are the pump elements subjected to the highest pressures. To guarantee a better durability and to maximise performance, the material used is a G25 lamellar cast iron.

Critical issues resolved

Usually the flange bodies that ensure maximum reliability are made of cast iron, NIFO has designed a series of versions (rectangular, oval and SAE) adopted by our main customers for aluminium groups 2 and 3. Thus reducing the original weight to two-thirds of the original weight but leaving the performance unaltered.

We have already produced components for


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