Engine test bench

Further innovation from Nifo: the availability of a test bench for the testing of brake and clutch systems.

The testing of the brake systems, both drum and disc, provides control of their ability to supply the design braking torque. It is possible to detect the static friction of the brake discs also at low temperatures (up to -40° C).

The centrifugal clutches are tested with the verification of the ability to transmit the project torque. Finally, the test bench allows to characterize the friction coefficient act to control the temperature, the sliding speed and the contact pressure. Integrated in the bench there is also a system based on a pneumatic thrust piston that generates the contact pressures necessary for the materials testing.

Therefore, the test bench allows the Company to identify and verify tailor-made solutions, cooperating first hand with the customer, from the initial phase of new projects and assisting the development of new products step by step.


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