Certifications and Code of Ethics


NIFO has always focussed on quality, understood not only as a product performance, but as culture of professionalism.
 Producing quality means providing processes, products and services aimed at a complete customer satisfaction. Consequently, to guarantee control of the process, attention is paid to the training of internal staff as well as to external customer service. The constant commitment to the project, the strong attention to quality, the maximum production flexibility allows the Company to respond quickly to the needs of customers, distributed throughout Europe. An external network of highly qualified partner Companies guarantee total control and a guarantee of quality.
 Because of this policy, since 1995 we have achieved the quality system with the recognition of the ISO 9001 certification: 2008 and since 2013 the ISO / TS 16949: 2016 with CERMET.
Since 2022 we have obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification.
ISO 9001 : 2015   ISO 16949 : 2016 ISO 14001 : 2022 

The relationship with the employees

In Nifo’s creed there is the conviction of how fundamental it is to stimulate the commitment of employees, trying to satisfy the fundamental needs of each individual: to increase the values โ€‹โ€‹of esteem and belonging within the group.With this in mind, as a result of discussions that took place over time, an important agreement was signed in the company on 30 September 2022: the first supplementary contract, unanimously approved by the 35 employees.

The agreement provides for innovations in terms of individual rights, training, employment and pay.In summary:The permanent contract is the reference contractual form: the threshold for fixed-term employment and with supply contracts drops to 10%.The right to stabilization is guaranteed after 12 months of work, even if not consecutive.Two 16-hour packages have been introduced for sick leave for children up to 14 years of age and for medical visits (which can also be used to assist family members up to the second degree)It is possible to request an advance of the TFR without conditions.

The central role of training for the development of professionalism with the certification of acquired skillsThe activation of a summer schedule to deal with heat bubbles as well as initiatives to improve the microclimateThe introduction of a variable reward system The agreement reached represents for Nifo one of the ways to face as a group what is a complex phase: working on synergies and in the name of cooperation.

Code of Ethics

NIFO srl has the mission of manufacturing braking systems and innovative components in general, enhancing its resources, able to satisfy and create value for its customers. This document sets out the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of business and business activities undertaken by NIFO srl and its collaborators.
The Company Code of Ethics is a fundamental element of the set of internal rules and procedures adopted by NIFO srl for the implementation of the provisions established by the legislative decree no. 231 of June 8th, 2001 and subsequent amendments concerning the administrative responsibility of the companies.

Code of Ethics


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